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What's happening in our region

Relocation Information Network (RIN) Colombia es una organizacion no comercial regional. La cual facilita y gestiona el capitulo para Colombia del  RIN Global network. Las Actividades de RIN Colombia tienen como enfoque principal ser un soporte para empleados de areas de, recursos humanos, compensación y beneficios de organizaciones o compañias multi-nacionales. Dentro de estas activides se incluyen reuniones regionales y eventos asi como proveer de noticias regionales relevantes a traves del website.

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Welcome to RIN Chapter Colombia

RIN Colombia organizes regular meetings, hosted by the participating companies, with interesting speakers about actual topics. Here you can meet with colleagues that share the same interests and face the same questions and  challenges. Meetings where actual information can freely be shared without any commercial outsiders and interests. Since RIN is a non-commercial network the costs to participate are kept low and affordable.

Why not join an enthusiastic group of like-minded colleagues, to make life and your job a lot easier?

Bienvenidos a RIN Capitulo Colombia

RIN Colombia organiza reuniones asupiciadas por las compañias participantes, con conferencistas de alto interes y sobre temas de actualidad. Esta es la plataforma donde usted puede encontrar colegas para compatir intereses comunes que al igual que usted tienen inquietudes sobre temas y retos similares. Las reuniones donde informacion actual, puede ser compartida sin ningun interes de tipo comercial externo. Dado que RIN es una entidad no comercial el costo de participar siempre es bajo y accesible. Porque no ingresar a un grupo de personas de tu mismo perfil, para hacer tu vida y tu trabajo mas sencillo?

Why join?

RIN gives direct access to colleagues with the same business interests in your region and around the world. RIN provides you, at no cost, with a database of up-to-date practical information from experts in your profession. In short: RIN directly connects you with the world of International Mobility.

How to register?

If you are interested in participating in the RIN network you can sign-up right away. Alternatively, you can request an orientation visit to one of the RIN meetings by contacting RIN Colombia.

Terms and conditions

Participation in the RIN network is exclusively reserved for employees of multinational companies and organizations, who are responsible for expatriate related matters.